Hello people!

I hope that this will be the first of many frequent posts, although many that know me can verify that I can get bored rather too easily with new toys.

This blog will be a channel for my thoughts, experiences and grievences of working life in the distant hills of the Staffordshire Moorlands and beyond. I can appreciate that the location itself does not fill anyone with inspiration to read on but rest assured this blog will take you from the source of the River Severn to the European continent and possibly further.

This blog will mirror my interests in life and therefore will be mostly involved with Sport and Travel. There will be instances when both of my main pleasures will be combined. I have a plethora of other interests that this blog will also touch on in future posts; including politics (don’t get me started just yet), art, history and the religion of Patrick Edmund Dennison (a lot more to come!).

Under no circumstances will anything I post be bigoted, regressive or hate filled as these are my pet hates in life.

Please enjoy and look out for impending future posts.


About simpkins83

Port Vale FC. No Pyro, No Party. Detroit, Biddulph, Berlin : A Techno Alliance. North Staffs Junglists. Militant Liberal & Georgist.
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