The Legend Returneth…


Just a quick post to express my delight at the return of a living legend from Afghanistan. Simon Goodwin aka Scruff has returned for his R&R this week and in 8 short weeks will be back for good.

Whatever your opinion of our actions in Afghanistan, you cannot get away from the fact your best buddy is in the line of fire. I have been vehemently against the ‘war on terror’ since it started as I see no long term benefits of military intervention.

Here’s to the Scruffmeister… Who is sporting a rather spiffing moustache!


About simpkins83

Port Vale FC. No Pyro, No Party. Detroit, Biddulph, Berlin : A Techno Alliance. North Staffs Junglists. Militant Liberal & Georgist.
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2 Responses to The Legend Returneth…

  1. Nadine Growcock says:

    I concur! He’ll be pleased to know he’s featured so soon in your new blogging venture! I’m very proud of that photo, the man featured and of course, the moustache… and I’m glad we’re back on track after a minor glitch at the weekend. Hopefully I’ll get to see you again before I take him back to Brize Norton on Saturday… 🙂

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