My All Time ‘Cult’ World XI – 10. Gabriel Batistuta

The second installment of my all time world ‘cult’ XI footballers may get under the skins of many ‘Eng-er-landers’, and not just because of his goalscoring abilities, long hair, provocative attitude or the false rumours of his Welsh heritage but mainly for his part in the sending off of Mr Beckham at France ’98. It’s the ‘Batigol’ himself, Gabriel Omar Batistuta.

Gabriel Batistuta

“I want to beat England because I want to win every game I play. Not because we went to war in 1982 or because we played against each other in 1998. I can’t take on some kind of revenge or change history.”  Gabriel Batistuta

What else can be said about the ultimate of goalscorers? Probably the best finisher of my lifetime thus far and in my opinion, albeit a controversial one, I actually enjoyed how he regularly brought out the small-mindedness of the English media. One of those players that many would have loved to see in the Premiership, except for me of course. Italian football is where he belonged and where he stayed for 12 years becoming a true legend amongst Fiorentina fans between 1991-2000. In the 90’s, Serie A was the league of the football purist and every Sunday I would tune in to Channel 4 in the afternoon to watch footballing legends play in the most competitive, star-studded league in Europe at that time. Who could forget the intro…

The Viola supporters erected a life-size bronze statue in honour of Gabriel and his contribution to their cause. He even stayed with his beloved club to help them gain promotion after being relegated to Serie B in 1993. However, there was still one item that ‘Batigol’ had missed out on in his Fiorentina days; A ‘Scudetto’, to add to his numerous ‘Capocannonieri’. He joined Roma in 2000, finally winning the ‘Scudetto’ before moving to Qatar team Al-Arabi. He scored 200 goals from a total of 311 appearances in Italian football, that is some feat I’m sure you will agree?

Despite his fame and amassed fortune, Batistuta considered himself a true family man. Married to his wife Irina since 1990, he has four children and has always kept away from the glare of the media. One of the true legends and gentlemen of the game and a true role model for all young footballing hopefuls.

More like Gabriel Omar Batistuta in the modern game would not go amiss! Enjoy some of his talents…

Batigol, we salute you…


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4 Responses to My All Time ‘Cult’ World XI – 10. Gabriel Batistuta

  1. Cultural Void says:

    Good choice, totally lethal in the box and out, combative and physically strong, gave no quarter and technically sweet.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Gooooooooooaaaaaaaaaal – Lazio, Golaccio (apparently) or whatever it says. I used to bloody love the old style channel 4 logo.

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