No Al Calcio Moderno!

Please use the comment box to tell me why you think modern football is rubbish.

Update – 25-10-11

Updates have been rather lackadaisical so please accept my sincere apologies 😉

Fantastic find from @ginger_mike on Twitter…


Not content with leaving twenty minutes before the end, these so-called Manchester United ‘fans’ can stick their disguises right up their arses. All together now… ‘No Jesters At Football!’

The US franchise system…coming to a league near you? – The Independent


Update – 27-01-2011

Check out|desc|20|

Don Foster MP, former Liberal Democrats sports spokesman, has launched a bid to allow safe standing to be introduced into football grounds in England and Wales. Speaking yesterday the Bath MP launched his Safe Standing Bill by telling Parliament that there was no evidence to show that properly designed standing areas were inherently unsafe.


Update – 17-01-2011

Another fantastic read from the boys at ‘The Real FA Cup’ blog;


Update – 15-01-2011

On Thursday, the Guardian published an article about ‘fantasies of football democracy’ by Louise Taylor. Please feel free to read this ill-informed article here;

In retaliation to this awful attempt at journalism, have done the necessary and put a few things straight, highlighting the numerous examples of football democracy at work around the United Kingdom.

The theme behind No Al Calcio Moderno! is the resistance to corporate owned modern football where the true supporter is expected to foot the bill for an ever decreasing standard of experience. Football democracy is about bringing that enjoyment and sense of ownership back to the supporter whilst ensuring a sustainable future for football in not just the UK but the whole of Europe.

Please feel free to tell me your views on ‘Football democracy’. Will it/can it work? Is football in its current state sustainable? Is it the only avenue to fight against the destruction of UK fan culture?

Please comment below. And still feel free to tell me why you think modern football is rubbish.


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